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Running a small or medium sized business is hard. You are not only responsible for the success of your company, but you also need to meet your own personal financial goals. Developing a plan to connect the two is where we come in.Our financial advisory services are designed specifically to help business owners like you navigate the complexities of managing your business finances while simultaneously helping you achieve your personal goals. We work with you to create a customized financial plan that aligns with your unique goals and aspirations, whether that's expanding your business, buying a new home, or saving for your children's education.

How we do it

The One Clear Path


We will talk through your personal and business goals and then set profit and cash flow targets accordingly.


We will evaluate the current state of your business by reviewing the key cash flow drivers for every business.


We will forecast where we anticipate you are headed based on your historicals and your future plans.


Each month we'll provide a simple one-page "scoreboard" report that clearly shows you what is going right and wrong.


During our monthly call, we will review the most important next steps you need to take to hit your targets.


You and your team execute on the plan. You will have us at your side to help you every step of the way.

About Us

Kris & Stephanie

Kris and Stephanie are a husband and wife team committed to helping businesses succeed. With a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Master's degree in Learning, Design, and Technology, Stephanie brings a unique skillset to the team. She has a knack for numbers and a passion for simplifying complex information.Kris has experience in retail management and a Bachelor's degree in Project Management. He has a passion for helping business owners achieve their goals and realize their full potential.Kris and Stephanie are both QuickBooks ProAdvisor certified and are Zoho Finance Partners, equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to help businesses of all sizes succeed.Despite their busy professional lives, Kris and Stephanie are also dedicated parents to two young boys. They understand the importance of balancing work and family life as well making your business work to achieve your personal goals.

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CFO & Advisory

CFO and Advisory services are our bread and butter. We take you through a step-by-step process to achieve your financial goals and partner with you to help you succeed on this journey.


For additional support, we can help get your finances in order with monthly bookkeeping services including categorization of transactions, reconciliations and running monthly reports.


We host various workshops to help you start the process to get on track with your finances and on your way to achieving financial success. Watch our latest training Own a Machine. Not a Job.

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Transform Your Business into a Money Making Machine

To have a growing and successful business you need to transform your business into a money-making machine. If you can do this, you’ll have a financially successful business that you own instead of you owning a high-demanding and low-paying job.

Three Steps to Financial Stability

One common reason that businesses fail is due to cash flow problems. This guide walks through three steps to look at your past, present, and future financials to create stability in your business and help avoid this pitfall moving forward.

Mastering Your Business Finances

Whatever business you’ve started, you more than likely got into it because it’s something that you’re passionate about. But that is only part of the equation. You can have all of the passion and drive to get things done and grow your business, but if you don’t have financial health, at the end of the day, your business will not survive.

Turn your Business into a Money-Making Machine

Your business is a machine and like all other machines, it has a purpose. And the purpose of your machine is to make money.If you can do this, you'll have a financially successful business that you own instead of owning a high-demanding and low-paying job.To make money, you need to improve 16 financial drivers in your business. Each driver impacts revenue, profit, and cash flow.In this eBook, we'll reveal the 16 drivers you can use to transform your business into a money-making machine even without being a financial expert.

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